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This is an image of a gas finish nailer

Hitachi Gas Finish Nailer

There are some tools where being tethered by an air line or electrical cord can just drive you nuts. Nailers fall into that category. Even in the shop, where a compressor may be close by, having a nailer on an air hose can be like having an unruly dog on a leash. No fun. But… Read more

This is an image of general mini-lathe dupliator

General’s Mini-Lathe Duplicator

If you’re concerned that your turning skills may not be adequate to make perfect duplicate spindles, General International has your problem solved. Their new Mini-Lathe Duplicator, $200, is specifically designed to easily fasten to most mini-lathes with cast bedways, and allow you to make duplicate spindles from either an existing turning, or from a pattern.Like… Read more

This is an image of makita driver

Makita Impact Driver for the Shop

Impact drivers work great for pushing in screws. Sometimes, though, they work too well. The impact driver I need for oomphing in deck screws isn’t the same tool I need for finessing hinge and cabinet screws in the shop. Until now, that is. Makita’s new BTD144 18-volt impact driver, $372, has three different power selection… Read more


Fast Cap’s Accent Caps

The look of a pinned mortise and tenon joint is classic. FastCap has provided a new way to achieve this time tested look. Their Artisan Accent caps look like an ebony pin that you’ve carefully tapped into place, cut, and sanded, but are significantly easier to use. Start by tapping a recess using a 5/16″… Read more


Rockler Box Joint Jig

The new Router Table Box Joint Jig from Rockler, $79.99, looks easy to use. Once it’s secured on your router table (the table must have a 3/4″ miter slot), an aluminum index key is used for positioning. The right angle backer acts like a miter gauge to guide the material past the router bit. The… Read more

This is an image of a Dewalt saw blade

DeWalt Miter & Table Saw Blades

Is DeWalt now on the cutting edge? They appear to be with their new line of table saw and miter saw blades. While it’s always difficult to test the quality of cutting tools, it looks like DeWalt did a nice job on these blades. The cuts they were making in their AWFS booth, in hardwoods,… Read more


Delta Midi Lathes

The newest Delta midi lathe pack big features. Have a look, first, at the Midi Lathe 46-460, $599. Electronic variable speed on this machine allows you to dial in the rpms, from 250-4000. There’s no easier way to change speed on a lathe than electronic variable speed. It’s uncommon to see such a low rpm… Read more


BBQ Tool Handles

OK, this isn’t a woodworking tool, but I think it’s pretty cool. Rockler is selling a barbeque grill set, $29.99, that you make your own handles for. The 16-piece kit contains tongs, spatula, fork, basting brush, skewers and corn holders. The kit includes instructions for standard bandsawn handles, but the folks at Rockler have seen… Read more

This is Gecko's toes for hose holder

Gecko’s Toes For Hose Holder

Keeping an air hose neatly stored in the shop can be a problem. It’s not uncommon for it to end up in a rat’s nest on the floor and you’ve got to unravel it each time you need to use it. If you want to get better organized, add Gecko’s Toes to your shop. This… Read more

This is an image of feather guard

Feather Guard Router Table Guard

The new Feather Guard from Sommerfeld Tools, $24.50, is a two-for-one deal. It serves as both a feather board and a bit guard. It works great for jobs like raised panels, affectively covering even massive horizontal panel raisers. And instead of setting my table up with two feather boards, one on the infeed side and… Read more

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