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This is an image of painting pyramids

Painter’s Pyramids, Reworked

It’s a simple enough concept. Elevate your work above the bench when you’re finishing, and you’ll get to the finish line faster. You can apply finish to the back, flip the project, and get started on the front without standing around watching finish dry. Plus, it’s just plain easier to finish your projects when they’re… Read more

This is a general international dust collector

General International Dust Collector

Woodworking, without question, creates a lot of dust. General International’s new portable dust collector, $1,260, may provide an answer for your dust collection needs.According to General the new 10-800CF M1 two-stage collector pulls 611 cfm of air. It’s on wheels, allowing you to easily move it, as needed. The 10-800CF is also plug and play…. Read more

This is an image of a bosch pocket driver

Bosch PS 21 Pocket Driver

I really like the cordless, compact drivers, and they just keep getting better and better. Bosch has reworked their PS20 Pocket Driver, resulting in the new PS21, $145. Just in case compact wasn’t good enough for you, Bosch has made the PS21 even compacter (is that a word?). The overall length of the head is… Read more

This is an image of a leigh jig

Leigh Improves The D4R Pro Jig

The Leigh D4R and D4R Pro dovetail jigs have received a lot of press as great dovetail jigs. Justifiably so. One complaint users have had is that, until now, half-blind dovetails were cut one board at a time, where other jigs allow the tail and socket boards to be cut at the same time.The new… Read more

This is an image of a freud saw blade

Freud Plywood and Melamine Circular Saw Blade

Most of us need to rough cut sheet goods done to manageable sizes before getting them on to the table saw for final sizing. The challenge is in getting a cut from a circular saw that doesn’t look like a beaver chewed through your expensive sheet stock.Freud’s Ultimate Plywood and Melamine blade, $50, promises splinter-free… Read more


No-Sharpen Lathe Chisels

When I’m teaching students to use a lathe, sharpening is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Like any woodworking tool, a sharp chisel is much easier and safer to use than a dull one. You just can’t expect good cut quality, or an enjoyable turning experience, from a dull chisel. Unfortunately, lots of turners… Read more

This is a new grizzly jointer

New Grizzly Jointer

With a 12″ cutterhead, Grizzly’s newest jointer provides plenty of width, without taking up an aircraft carrier’s worth of length in your shop. The bed is a convenient 60″ long.Wide jointers are a real benefit when it comes to face jointing wood, which is the best way to guarantee that the material you’re using is… Read more

This is an image of a bench clamp

Leigh Hold-Down Clamps

I think it’s brilliant! If a clamp works well securing material on a dovetail jig, why not use it at the bench? That’s what Leigh did by converting the material clamps from their dovetail and FMT jigs into bench hold down clamps. Leigh’s Hold-Down Clamps, $49.95, can be mounted to any surface because they’re available… Read more

Grizzly cyclone dust collector image

Grizzly Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclonic dust collectors are a Holy Grail of woodworking. They really do a great job of grabbing dust, and they typically do an equally great job of grabbing space in your shop. The new G0703 Cyclone Dust Collector from Grizzly, $850, has a small footprint; 38-1/4″ long, 23-1/4″ wide, and 65-1/2″ tall. Not bad for… Read more

This is an image of rockler bench cookies

Rockler Bench Cookies

There’s nothing more frustrating than chasing your work across the shop while you’re trying to work on it. The obvious solution is clamping the work to your bench, but then you end up with the clamp in your way. If only there was an effective way to stick your work to the bench with no… Read more

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