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Router Table Tips 4

12 Tips for Using a Router Safely

Whether used freehand or mounted in a table, a router is possibly the most useful power tool in the woodshop. But working with a device that spins sharp carbide-tipped bits at dizzying speeds can be quite hazardous, unless you follow good safety practices each and every time you rout. Here are a dozen tips for… Read more

Custom Cut Butterflys - Pare the mortise

Custom Cut Butterfly Joints

Handmade Graduated Butterflies Are Stunning The butterflies or ‘dutchmen’ embedded in this desktop are custom sized and cut on a bandsaw. Butterflies stabilize the crack and also provide a focal point on top of the desk to highlight your woodworking skills. When making butterfly joints, I tend to avoid templates available at woodworking stores. In… Read more

How to Make a Wood Handeled Bottle Opener

How to Make a Wood Handled Bottle Opener

This Christmas, why not make something new from something old for that certain someone? A little prized scrap wood is all it takes to transform a humdrum plastic handled bottle opener into handcrafted wood handled bottle opener. I found two such bottle openers knocking around my kitchen. The first had a short, narrow tang with… Read more

Wine Rack Final Assembly

Wine Rack Project

This year my wife, Ann, suggested I make holiday gifts for several of our family and friends. She often produces fabric art quilts and they are consistently well received. I contribute too – but not as many gifts as she does. Where does she find the time? I looked through a couple hundred images of… Read more

Box Joint Grill Scaper - grooving

Box Joint Grill Scraper

The CDC issued a warning against using metal wire brushes on a grill due to the risk of ingesting a wire as it falls off the brush and attaches itself to an unsuspecting burger. It sounded farfetched, but it’s actually real. The natural solution for any woodworker is to make a grill scraper out of… Read more

Graco TrueCoat Product Review | WWGOA

Graco TrueCoat II Review

I have tried practically every method of finishing, but waterborne finish technology continues to evolve, keeping me on my toes. Clients recently requested flat panel cabinet doors and end panels to replace their existing ones, but they wanted lacquer-like smoothness with an environmentally friendly finish. Balancing all of the variables like cost, durability, ease of… Read more

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Ask the Editor November 2013

Readers like you submit questions to us every day. Here, our woodworking expert George Vondriska answers your questions and offers helpful solutions to your woodworking problems. George, you made a pair of Kitchen Tongs, where do you purchase maple or cherry wood 1 1/8″ thick? -Terry George: In my area, Wisconsin, it’s pretty easy for… Read more

Last Minute Woodworking Gifts 2013 | iPhone Holder

iPhone/iPad Stand

I assembled and finished four of these iPhone/iPad stands in one day. I made two sizes: a narrow one for an iPhone, and a wider one for an iPad. I built three prototypes, and from doing that I learned there is no one-size fits all. The thickness of the support bar has to be just… Read more

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3 Must-Have Woodworking Apps for your iPhone

In the earliest days of woodworking (or even just a few years ago for that matter), who would have ever thought that we would be talking about how to best utilize our telephones in the woodworking shop? Well, times they certainly are a changin’, and smart phones are capable of performing tasks that we would… Read more

Laguna 1412 Band Saw Product Review

Laguna 1412 Band Saw: A Cut Above

I’m not the most patient soul, but after a long search for a band saw upgrade I finally found the one that I wanted; the Laguna 1412 Band Saw. The problem lied in the fact that it was still in prototype phase when I learned about it, and would not ship for another year. Could… Read more

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