28 Guitars Go To Gutairs for Vets (G4V)

Build a Vet a Guitar 2011Despite uncooperative weather (heat, humidity, and rain) Build a Vet a Guitar 2011 went great. Thanks to great volunteers, and our sponsors, we were able to complete and repair 28 instruments for Guitars for Vets. For more information on Guitars For Vets visit www.guitars4vets.org
Build a Vet a Guitar 2011The first step was checking over the kits we bought from Grizzly.
Build a Vet a Guitar 2011Next, we glued on the necks, paying careful attention to alignment between the neck and body.
Build a Vet a Guitar 2011It took us about 4 hours to get necks on 20 guitars.
Build a Vet a Guitar 2011Contributing Editor Bruce Kieffer helps a volunteer make custom heel caps.
Build a Vet a Guitar 2011Sanding, sanding, and more sanding. Like any woodworking project, the devil is in the details.
Build a Vet a Guitar 2011With the sanding complete we installed truss rods and glued on the fret boards.
Build a Vet a Guitar 2011Don’t want to let work get in the way of having fun! Impromptu jam sessions kicked in throughout the build.
Correctly locating the bridge is very critical. A shop-made jig (thanks, Gordon) simplified the process.
Build a Vet a Guitar 2011The masked off guitars were suspended from the ceiling and sprayed with shellac. High humidity slowed down the drying process, but we managed to ‘git ‘er dun.
Build a Vet a Guitar 2011This year we added a task. In addition to assembling new kits, we repaired donated guitars. Tasks included removing and replacing bridges, replacing fret and tuners, and repairing cracks. These repairs added 8 guitars to our donation. Kudos to the volunteers who effectively pulled this off.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with this event, and this cause. It takes many hands to pull this off, and it couldn’t happen if volunteers and sponsors weren’t pitching in.

Photos by Mike Krivit and Emily Vondriska

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